Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kinetics of mind - 02

Under kinetics of mind , we are trying to collect
various Gita - shlokas which are
directly or indirectly related to the behaviour of mind .

Let us see few more sutras in this regards :

[a] Gita - 6.35
Arjuna says :---
Because of abnormal behaviour of my mind , i am not in position to understand your
yogic - teachings . I do not find it possible to control the wavering nature of the mind .

Here on the doubts of Arjuna , Lord Krishna says :
Without doubt, the mind is difficult to curbe and restless but it can be controlled
by constant uninterrupted yogic - practice which finally take to renuncitation -

[b] Gita - 6.26

Here Lord Krishna says :

always be with your mind , follow its movement .
Whatsoever makes it wavering and ubstable,
take it back from such subjects and try to make it empty .

[c] Gita - 8.8

Here Gita says :
Attuned mind , a mind - full of devine love, is a gateway of nirvana .
Meditation is a awareness about the behaviour of mind .
A man of controlled mind
is yogin and sanyasin .

===== follow the movement of your mind ======

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kinetics of mind

Under kinetics of mind , we shall be going through
various Gita - sutras , here .

Neurologists now donot consider mind as a part of brain .
Infact there is no word - brain
in Gita . Mind [man] is an essential basic tools provides
by the nature which comes
in womb along with other basic elements .
Under Gita - kinentics of mind , here, we shall be looking
through various angles , not based on
logic , but the entire concept would be based on Gita .

Let us see few Gita,s sutras related to mind[man] as under ----
[a] Gita - 10.22
Here Lord Krishna says - indriyaanaan mnashchaashmi ,
which means .....
of senses , i am mind .

[b] Gita - 7.4
Here Gita says -----
mind is an elemment out of eight elements of aparaa - prakriti .
These two Gita - statements are to be understood
because they have basic mysteries .

Gita - 10.22 says .....
there are five senses of wisdom and the sixth
one is mind ; but it is not as such .
Infact , there are ten senses in two groups ; one group is known as sense of wisdom and the other group is known
as senses of action . The nodal point where these two sets of senses meet ,
is called mind .
Gita - 7.4 further says as explained above ...........
The fusion of aparaa and paraa prakritiyaan is the basic
requrement of the origin of a life .

===== OM SHANTI ======

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Four Gita Sutras ------

Related to Karma - Yoga

[A] Gita 2.51
Action without expecting fruitation , takes to Nirvana .

[B] Gita - 2.47
Work without fruit- desire, is Karm - Yoga .

[C] Gita - 6.1
Action without expectinf result , makes one Sanyaasin .

[D] Gita - 5.10
work without attaachment has no sin in it .

I do not add comment over there Gita Sutra,
because they are crystal clear .
Try to put these sutras in yor mind and whenever you get time ,
try to understand them ..

==== Life is not endless =====

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Bhagavadgita --

The blessed....
The bestower...
The nector of non dualistic wisdom ....
The wisdom of realising the ----
Essence of ---

Death ....
The epitome of the essentials of the whole Vedic wisdom ....
Japan , and ....
in west lands , in the form of ----

Gita is the Lotus of the ...
True natural laws which throgh ....
Karm- Yoga leads towards .....


=== ==Try to digest these diamond sutras =====

Friday, November 19, 2010

Gita - Image

Adiguru Sankaraacharya says ----------

Brahman is one without a second ....
Brahman satyam jagad mithya .....

The world of manifestation and multiplicity is not real ,
all are manifestation of Brahman .

Let us see , in this regards what is the view of Gita ?

Gita - 13.13
Brahman is beginningless and HE is neither existent nor non - existent .

Gita - 14.26
He who is in my deep love , untouched by three modes of the nature ,
he is fit for
becoming Brahman .

Gita - 14.27
I am abode of Brahman , immortal and imperishable ,
of eternal laws and of absolute bliss .

Gita - 14.3 - 14.4
Brahman is womb , in which i cast seed and so is the birth of beings .

We can see few more shlokas related to the theory of origin in the next issue .

==== om shanti =====

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gita Moti

Gita says :------

Make your routine works as a medium of meditation .
It is possiple only when your works .......

[a] do not have energy of attachment ....
[b] do not have power of ego ......
[c] do not have any desire ....
[d] go not have shadow of delusion .....
[e] do not have clouds of greed ....
[f] do not have feeling of being doer ....
[g] do not have any expectation of fruitation .....

This man is called -----
Man of stable intelligence
A yogin
A sanyasin
A man free from all three modes of the nature .

Think about such a man - a Gita karm - yogin and how to achieve this space .

==== shanti ======

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gita Chapter - I , Shlok - 01

Dharmkshetre Kurukshetre
Samaveta Yuyutsavah
Mamakah Pandavashchaiv
Kimkurvat samjay

Dhritrashtra the king , a blind man ,s shloka is the opening of Shrimadbhagvadgita .
Dhritraashtra says :-----
Samjay! my people and people of pandava had gathered together ,
eager for battle in the
dharmshetra - Kurukshetra . What did they do ?
We shall be looking various points hidden in this shloka in the next issue but here
some home work is being proposed as under -----
[a] Was Kurukshetra - the battle field of mahabharata,
a dharma - kshetra before
the mahabharata ?

[b] Why was Dhritrastra so excited to know
what was going on there in the battle field ?

[c] Kurukshetra and Thaneshwar - these two places are situated
few yard away to each other .
Thaneshvar was capital of king Harshvardhan .
If during that period Kurukshetra
existed at all there , then why was the Thaneshvar
made the capital by Harhvardhan ?,
was Thaneshvar more importent than Kurukshetra ?

[d] Thaneshvar is one of the shakti pitha out of 41 available
and so this place is related to Shiva - Shakti .
Shiva - shakti meditation is related to Tantra where mail and female
do meditation through their sex - energy .

This is the subject of history to see -
how can be said that before mahabharata ,
Kurukshetra was known as a tirtha ?

==== om ======

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Action [ karma ] related some more Gita shlokas

Gita - 2.45

Actions [ karmas ] of the three fold modes of nature
are subject of Vedas . Vedas give
full descrption of such actions .
There are well explained concepts of modes oriented
actions in Vedas, but Gita says - there is nothing in it ,
one shoud think of going beyond
the grips of the modes .

Gita - 3.5

To remain without action [ work ] even for a brief moment ,
is not possible, everyone is made
to work by modes helplessly.

Gita - 18.11

It is impossible for anyone embodied being to remain without work .
But he who gives up desires
of fruits of the work , he is said to be the relinquisher.

Gita - 8.3

Karma is a creative force that keeps being into existence .

Four shlokas are enough for today ,

Few more shlokas , we can see in the next issue .

===== Om shanti =======

Action related few Gita,s sutras

Gita Sutra - 18.23
Based on gunas [ modes ] , action is of three types .
Action done without the influence of attachment , aversion , and self sense , is the action of
Goodness - mode .

Gita Sutra - 18.24
Actions based on self sense , desire, attachment are said to be the action of Passion - mode .

Gita Sutra - 18.25
Action done under the influence of delusion , ignorance ,without havind any idea
of its consequences
and without understanding the capacity of doing the work are said to be
the action of
Dullness - mode .

Now it is the time to understand the complexicity of the Gita - teachings .

Gita Shloka - 8.3 says :---
Bhoot bhaavh udbhav karh visargh , karm sangyith ,
the meaning of it is ----
The action is a creative force that keeps beings into existence .

The most appropriate meaning of Gita Sutra - 8.3 would be .......
The action or Karmaa which takes one beyond the feeling of Karmaa, called karmaatiit ,
may be said to be the Karmaa full of pure energy .
Gita,s Karmaa is a medium of meditation where one is to practise to grow awareness
about the various bondages such as desire , attachment , self sense , delusion etc.
We can see few more shlokas in the next issue .

==== om shanti =====

Friday, November 12, 2010

Modes , Maya and He

Three sutras - 7.12 , 7.13 and 7.14 of Gita explain the relationship of ......
Modes of nature ------
Maya -------
The Lord ------
Let us see the sutras first :

Sutra - 7.12
ye chaiv sattvika bhaavaa raajasaastaamasaashch ye .
matt evente taanviddhi n tvaham teshu te mai ..
Sutra - 7. 13
tribhirgunamayaibhaarvaireni sarvmidam jagat .
mohitm naabhijaanaati maamebhyah parambyayam ..
Sutra - 7.14
daivi hyeshaa gunmayi mam Maayaa duratyayaa .
maamev ye prapaddyante maayaametaam taranti te ..

In the first sutra Lord Shri Krishna says ----
Hormonious , passionate and slothful - all three modes are from ME ,
but I do not have these modes ,
I am free from them .

In the second sutra Lord says ---------
Those who are deluded by these three modes ,
they can not have the vibration of MINE ,
they can never think of ME .

In the third sutra The almighty says ------
Mine devine MAAYAA is a medium available everywhere ,
consisting of three modes of the nature .
Those who are deluded by the three modes , can not think of what is beyond
the MAAYAA .
Infact The man who is the witnesser of MAAYAA , is always in Me .

The relationship of .......
Lord Krishana , MAAYAA , and the three modes of the nature
as explained in above three
Gita - Sutras are mind bending one .
These sutras contain the basic theory of evolution .

==== om ======

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sex, Desire , Anger And Greed - iii


Let us see some more sutras from the Gita which will through light
on this important energy
which controls the human - activities .

Sigmund Freud says ------
Whatever a man does its direction will always be towards SEX - REQUIREMENT .
Perhaps Freud had not seen Gita otherwise he should have said something else.

GITA - SUTRA - 6.27
One can have experiencing of Almighty when he is out of passion mode .
Passion mode of nature is a big obstruction in the way of ultimate experiencing .

GITA SUTRA - 10.28
Lord Krishna says .....
I am kaamdevaa ,
kaam devaa is some one who regulates the sexual - energy .

Here Lord says ------
I am sex - energy
but that energy which does not have .....
self sense
greed , etc.

===== om shanti =====

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sex , Desire , Anger And Greed - II

we are going to see few more Gita - Sutras which are related to Sex - Energy .

Gita - 3.41
Gita says : -
Understanding of senses , is the tool to control the sex-enery .

Gita - 3.42 - 3.42
Gita says :-
Senses to be controlled by the mind , mind is to be controlled by the intelligence
and intelligence to be controlled by centering over Atamaa and man who is centered on
Atamaa , he can not have uncontrolled sexenergy- power .

Gita - 5.23
Here Gita says :-
The Yogin who is unaffected by sex- energy and anger - energy , he is actual Yogin
and he is the happiest man .

GITA- 16.21
Gita says :-
There are three doors of HELL ; one is sex , other one is anger
and the last one is greed .

ॐ shanti ॐ

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sex. Desire, Anger And Greed

Sex - Energy

There are 14 sutras in Gita related to sex - energy .
Let us see some of them here ............

[A] SUTRA - 3.36
Arjuna in his third question wanted to know .........
By what is a man compelled to commit sin even against his will ?

You can see in Gita, from sutra - 3.36 to sutra 3.43 in this regard
and also some sutras from other chapters as mentioned below .
5.23 , 16.21 , 6.27 , 10.28 , 7.11

[B] SUTRA - 3.37
This is craving , this is wreth , born of the mode of Passion , all devouring and most shinful .

[C] SUTRA - 3.38
As smoke covers fire, dust covers mirror , embryo is enveloped by the womb ,similarily
Gyan is covered by Agyan [ awareness is enveloped by attachment ] .

[D] SUTRA - 3.39
The sex - energy in the form of desire is a strong enimy and it is beyond control , no one
involved in it could get out of it unless the becomes enlightened one .

[E] SUTRA - 3.40
The senses , the mind and the intellect all are under the control of sex - enery
and hence , it is very defficult to control it .
It is awareness which can get one out of its
attraction .
Awareness is the fruit of meditation .

===== om ======

Monday, November 8, 2010

Attachment and Yoga

Here we are going to see few more Gita,s sutras
to understand
attachment in the context of Yoga.

Gita - 18.49 - 18.50
Gita says :
Work without attachment takes one to the space where realization of Almighty is possible .

Gita - 2.56
Here Gita says :
Free from attachment , anger and fear is sthir pragya - yogi .

Gita - 5.11
This Gita,s shloka says :
In the abscence of attachment whatever work is done by senses , mind and buddhi ,
it purifies the Yogi .

Gita - 4.10
This sutra says :
Gyani [ man of knowledge ] works without attachment ,
without fear and without anger .
Gyani does not mean who knows the
but Gyani is that who is aware of .....
Prakriti - Purush .

===== om ======

Sunday, November 7, 2010


What is the energy of attachment ?

Let us see few Gita quotes here to understand .......
the true energy of -----

GITA - 2.48
Lord Krishna says :
Work without attachment is -----

GITA - 4.22
Samatva - Yogi is free from all duties and attachments .

GITA - 3.19 - 3.20
Unattached mind is always filled with HIS devine energy .

GITA - 5.10
Man without attachment remains in actions untouched by them as a
Lotus remains untouched
by water .

Five Gita teachings in most simplified form for those
whose life is somewhere in search
of purest form of devine energy
which is the source of everything .

Prof. Einstein physical life ended in the search of a force
which is the resultant of all forces and
Gita gives the resultant enery of all the known physical energies .

==== om shanti om ======

Who is the doer ?

Gita Shloka - 3.27
Prakriteh kriyamaani gunaih karmaani sarvasham .
Ahankaar vimoodhaatmaa kartahmiti manyate ..

The almighty Shri Krishna says ..........

I am the doer - this feeling is due to influence of self sense .
Man is not the doer , infact he is witnesser .
Work is done by the modes of prakriti [ nature ].
This is very simple to understand the concept of this shloka .
Every body is doing their works and
every body has feeling that he is the doer ,
but the energy which is required to do the work
is the energy of three modes of the prakriti .
man is not the modes ,
man is not the prakriti ,
man is to understand the functions of various components of the Maya
It is the Maya whose understanding is the understanding of Almighty .

===== om =======

Friday, November 5, 2010

Brahman and Yogin

Let us see Gita,s two shlokas :

shlok - 14.26
The supreme Lord Krishna says -------
He who is with unfailing devotion and filled with pure love ,
concentrated upon Me ,
and who is untouched by the three modes of Maya - is fully fit to
be merged into
Brahman .

Sloka - 14.27
The supreme almighty says :
Brahman is immortal, imperishable , He is not in form ,
He is an enery which is
capable of carrying the seeds of lives ,
I am His nucleous .

Gita,s two sutras as given above appears to be of ....
modern Particle Physics , provided they are correctlly understood
as mentioned in Gita .
Translation of Gita sutras does not have live enegy which
could pulsate your intellect .
Once Prof . Einstein said .......
When i read Gita and reflect upon how the God created
this universe , everything else
becomes superfluous.

I will try to collect those Gita Sutras which would have been
attracted Prof. Einstein - mind .

=== ॐ shanti ॐ ======

Who is Brahmn - Yogi ?

A set of five sutras of Gita are being given here
which could bring some idea about -
who is a yogin full of devine energy.

sutra - 18.51
Endowed with a pure understanding , free from attachment,
lust, aversion , and not attracted by five objects
of five senses - is a Brahmn - Yogi .
sutra - 18.52
Eating but little , dwelling in solitude, having control over speech , body , and mind ,
fully involved in deep meditation , taking refuse in dispassion , is a Brahmn - Yogi .
sutra - 18.53
Do not have feeling of self - senses , physical power , arrogance ,
desire , anger , passion ,
ego and whose mind is centered on almighty , is a Brahmn - Yogi .
sutra - 18.54
One being tranquil in sprit , untouched by desire, grieves , and united with Brahmn ,
is a Yogin who understand Me as I am .

In India , today is Dipawali - the festival of lamps and i do hope that ....
These few Gita - Sutras will change the direction of your energy
and by next
Dipawali you may be a different man ,
God bless you all .

==== aum shanti aum ====

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Aum Shanti Aum

This is Rigveda,s saying :

This quote is about 1500 BCE.

Asato maa sat gamaya......
tamaso maa jyotir gamaya......
Mrityot maa amritam gamaya....
Aum shanti shanti shanti ..

O God ! --------
Bring me from unreal ----
to real one .
Bring me from daarkness------
to cosmic ultimate light ..
Bring me from the clouds of death......
to immortality..

Now after 365 days every year , we have DIWAALI in indian tradition across the world .
This is to remember the return of Lord Rama to AYODHYA after 14 years . Lord Rama
and demon Ravana fight is the first flight when some one from India crossed over the sea ,
entered into somebody,s kingdom and finished his entire country .
During Treta - Yug demons are called rakshas and during Dwapar - Yug the same demons
called asur . If you look into the old history , India,s Sindh river civilisation and Sumerian
civilisation of Iraq - had very good relationship . In Iraq, there is a place called ASUR
in the northern part of the country , and there may be some connection between
ASUR demon of dwapar and Asur - the place in Iraq .

Ridveda,s Aum Shanti Aum --- is a source which create an enegy field when chanted
with a particular tune . This field works as a magnetic field , which changes the
path of the inner flowing energy of those who
happens to be in that field .
Rigveda,s mantra is for ------
awareness , and not ----
for making an entertainment .

aum shanti aum